Moving is widely considered one of modern man’s biggest stressors, but we don’t have to tell you that. The chances are that you already know that picking up all your belongings– impossibly heavy tables and chairs, mattresses, forgotten kitchen supplies, dusty Christmas tchotchke’s from grandma– can be quite the hassle, especially when you only have a few weeks (or days) to do it.

Luckily for you, we developed this checklist to help you kick-start your move, figure out what you need and don’t need, and organize it all in record time.

1 Month Before the Big Move

1.  Begin ‘The Purge’: Start Small

Start getting rid of old, unused, or damaged items that you know you won’t need. We know this can be daunting, so start with little items and build momentum from there.

2.  Choose The Perfect Storage Facility

The earlier you get this done the better. A great Buffalo self-storage unit can make the difference between a chaotic move and a smooth one. Consider an air conditioned unit to prevent mold and moisture damage on delicate items.

3.  Moving DIY style? Reserve a Truck Rental Early

Don’t wait till last-minute for this. Your move-in day might just land on a college dorm move-out day or some other high-traffic event. Prepare ahead to avoid a struggle later.

4.  Buy Boxes and Label As You Go

Get boxes early so you can pack little by little over time. Leave no empty spaces in your boxes to avoid damaged items and be sure to leave a note about what’s inside on multiple edges of your packages.

5.  Learn the Fine Art of Chunking

This is where your Buffalo self-storage unit comes in handy. Taking items such as books, dvds, and decorations to your storage unit every weekend for the next couple of weeks will help you feel a little more at ease every time.

2-3 Weeks Till Move-Out

1.  Cancel or Transfer Your Utilities Service

Schedule your transfer so you have nothing to worry about when you move in to your new place (other than unpacking and re-organizing your entire house).

2.  Confirm All Rentals, Appointments, etc.

Check and double check that everything’s in order: the maid service, your moving truck, and everything in between.

3.  Stop Grocery Shopping and Start Finishing Off Items in Your Fridge

Spilled or broken sauce bottles and packages can wreak havoc on an already stressful situation. Avoid this by eating as much of what you already have as possible.

1 Week Till Move In

1.  Set Aside The Thing’s You’ll Need on the 1st Night and Valuables to Take With You

Don’t leave priceless items to the movers. Remember Murphy’s Law.

2.  Confirm Move-Out Time, Move-In Time, etc. (Again)

Make sure the maid service comes after the movers, and make sure your move-out time happens before your new move-in time…You’d be surprised at how many last-minute complications can be avoided with proper scheduling.

3.  DIY Cleaning? Schedule Ample Time to Tidy Up Before You Go

Make sure you leave a few hours to give your home a good scrub. Same goes for your new home when you move in.

Move Out Day:

1.  Put Your Frequently Used Items Towards the Front of Your Storage Unit

Don’t make the mistake of burying important items behind heavy objects you may not want to move in right away. Prioritize your packing to avoid complications.

2.  Dismantle Furniture Parts

Take apart large furnishings to save space in your storage unit and moving truck. Store screws and bolts in a plastic baggie. Tape the bag to the corresponding furniture parts to minimize loss and stay organized.

3.  Clean and Do a Final Walk-Thru:

Say ‘sayonara’ to your old home. Be sure to check nooks and crannies to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Be sure to double check your Buffalo self storage unit as well.

No need to pack and unpack in a rush. The right storage facility can simplify your transition and give you time to organize your new home. Lincoln Moving and Storage can help make your move a breeze. Call now at (716) 462-5153 for top-tier moving services in Buffalo, NY.